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About Me

Ryan Kennedy is a financial analyst, developer, writer and entrepreneur. With a background in mathematics, computer engineering and a professional background in quantitative analysis, Ryan’s list of specialties is extensive. In the realm of finance, he is experienced in the fields of international financial markets, macroeconomics, stock market and security analysis, value investing and corporate finance.

Using his background in engineering and mathematics, Ryan has successfully completed projects on website development, database administration, server deployment and administration, machine learning, data analysis and business analytics. Combining all of this knowledge with his experiences traveling to more than 35 countries, Ryan curates writing pieces on finance, travel and culture.

This is what I love to do.



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Advanced scripts to automated basic and advanced tasks, such as website deployment, financial statements and article editing.


Modern and minimalistic website design, efficient deployment and server maintenance.


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Some of my other skills


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Product Development85%
Web Development95%

Selected works of Ryan Kennedy


S&P 500 Grows Quickly

The S&P 500 is doing well lately. $$$$!!

The Brexit and What the Vote Means of US Markets

The votes have been counted and the decision has been made. Britain has voted to leave the European Union. To be sure, it was a close call. The final tally read 17.4 million for leaving and 16.1 million for staying; 52 percent against 48 percent. Technically, Britain has not yet left the European Un...

The Ecosystems of Startups in Silicon Valley

The mythical unicorn. Once thought of as a legendary creature of infallible purity, the term has since been repurposed by Silicon Valley. 2015 was called the year of the unicorn because of the large number of tech startups that reached the important $1 billion valuation mark during that year. These...

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